Featured image of post Information about the marina and prices for guest yacht berths

Information about the marina and prices for guest yacht berths


The AZS Yacht Club is located in the southwestern part of Lake Dąbie. Harbor is sheltered from waves and wind, it creates comfortable conditions for yachts to stay.

On the first floor of the club building there is a TAVERN. In the southeastern corner of the marina there is AST SAILS sailmaking workshop. To get to the city you can take a bus. Bus stop is just outside of the marina at the southeastern corner but to get there you have to leave through the main gate at west.

Marina map

Basic data

Type Data
Address Jacht Klub AZS Szczecin
ul. Przestrzenna 9
70-800 Szczecin
Email jkazs.szn@gmail.com
Office phone number + 48 91 461 27 34
Telephone to the boatswain +48 600 233 221
Office opening hours MONDAY 9.00 - 15.30
TUESDAY 9.00 - 17.30
WEDNESDAY 9.00 - 18.00
THURSDAY 9.00 - 17.30
FRIDAY 9.00 - 16.30
Tax Identification Number 955-00-05-467
Account BOŚ S.A. O/Szczecin
92 1540 1085 2098 5313 3504 0001


A bay in the southwestern part of Lake Dąbie Małe.

Location on maps: OpenStreetMap, Google Maps

Parking conditions

Free parking for up to 3 hours. The parking fee per day depends on the length of the unit.

Price list of fees for the berthing of guest yachts during the 2023 season

Length Price
up to 5.99 m PLN 55 / day
6-7.99 m PLN 60 / day
8-9.99 m PLN 70 / day
10-11.99 m PLN 80 / day
12-13.99 m PLN 90 / day
14-15.99 m PLN 100 / day
16-17.99 m PLN 120 / day
over 18 m price negotiated

Additional fees

  • utilities (water, electricity) - PLN 10 / day
  • shower - PLN 10 / piece,
  • erecting and laying down the mast - up to 8 m - PLN 90, area 8 m – PLN 110

Other fees

Genus Price
camping car PLN 100 / day
car with camping trailer PLN 100 / day
1-2 person tent PLN 35 / day
3-6 person tent PLN 50 / day
stay for 1 person PLN 40 / day
stay of 1 child up to 13 years of age PLN 25 / day
dog stay PLN 20 / day
parking a car without a badge PLN 15 / day
parking of a boat trailer up to 6 m PLN 15 / day
parking a boat trailer over 6 m PLN 20 / day
using the washing machine PLN 20 / piece
parking of foreign vessels (for renovation) on land, at the quay and in the hall prices determined individually + electricity fee (according to submeter readings) + garbage fee

Detailed information at the club office.

Services available within the marina

Mast crane, tavern, boat repair workshop, AST Sails sailhouse on site, gas station 300 m, grocery store 200 m, sailing shop 200 m.

Slipping on the metal slip is prohibited for yachts with trailers, scooters and motorboats.

Booking a guest stay.

Although it rarely happens that we have to refuse someone a guest berth at our marina due to lack of places, we meet the expectations of those of you who want to reserve a guest berth in advance. At the same time, we would like to inform you that we do not have any free residential places.

If you are interested in booking a place, setting a date for erecting the mast, etc., please send your expectations to the e-mail address: booking.azs@gmail.com. You should receive confirmation of your reservation no later than the next business day (the office is open until 4 p.m.).

In urgent situations, when, for example, you want to make sure that parking will be possible in the coming hours, please contact the Bosman by phone: +48 600 233 221.

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